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Here's a google earth view of the atf campus.The area is clearly marked in red.India's 1st on beach campus.


So,Finally the IIST merit list has been released,and to the guys and gals who are called for counseling,my heartiest congratulations.You guys must be eager to know about the counselling process and as usual with due respect to my college,the website does not provide the required information :P
Well,then I decided that to update you guys out there[If you can call it updating ,gosh! I am talking as if you people are antivirus programmes that need to be updated :)] The market is flooded with rumours that there will be a interview in the IIST counselling (Which I hope to dispel and please let me know who is spreading them).So lets get some points straight about the counseling procedure.

1)This year the counselling is in Trivandrum(which all of you must know by now surely) unlike the last 2 years when it was held in Bangalore(Now called Bengaluru).The dates have been announced and counselling for the reserved candidates is mostly on the 1st day and for the general candidates,on the next.There will be buses deployed from the city(mostly Thampanoor) to the campus and the details will be given later.

2)At the start of the counselling last year,we were taken to the hotel's auditorium and shown some videos about ISRO and it's initiation,missions etc.Those videos were interesting but I was too tensed about getting my desired branch ,so unfortunately could not enjoy there was a speech by the direstor and a Q&A session where the parents and the students could ask doubts.But mostly ,it was the parents who did the talking because we all were mostly shy or tensed or both :P

3)Then comes the real allocation of seats where you will be called systematically according to your performance in IITJEE and made to exercise your choice.Thats it,No interview or any other mumbo jumbo.The other students in the waiting hall will also be given real time updates on a big screen or on a 40 inch LCD TV.So you see that the thing is quite clear cut, precise and simple too.Now for the better part,While you are waiting,mostly you will be treated to very good tea and snacks(of the best quality available in Trivandrum,as you can see being under Dept of Space has many such

4)So I advise you people out there to get rid of all the tension before the counselling,there is no interview and enjoy the food.


I'll keep posting about the admission and execution of bond later. Anyone is welcome to post their queries here.

PS-In case you did not understand the joke about antivirus updating on the top part of this post,remember that antivirus updating happens to be the favourite pastime of iistians.So keep a few updates handy in your pendrives(avast and avg are prefferable,norton will also do).......lolzzz...just kiddin....

Friday, May 29, 2009

ADMISSIONS 2009-2010


Government Of India,Department Of Space,Thiruvananthapuram-695022   

Join IIST,Launch a career in I S R O
Be a part of the history of Indian Space Programme...

From the first rocket launch to "CHANDRAYAAN",it has been an incredible journey of Indian Space Programme.Mission after mission was accomplished with amazing precision,as the world watched with bated breath and the nation swelled with pride.The Indian Space Research Organization(I S R O),which masterminds our space programme has always been regarded as an enduring symbol of Indian scientific and technological prowess.No wonder millions of youth wants to join I S R O,but only a few get a chance to be a part of this glorious saga....

  Here is your opportunity to choose an exciting career in Space Science and Technology!!

Opt for any of the three B.TECH programmes in Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology and make sure that you are there to shape I S R O's future.....

Admission to B.Tech Programmes in Avionics/Aerospace Engineering/Physical Sciences 
IIST ,an autonomous educational institution under Department of  Space,announces admission to the following programmes in Space Science and Technology 2009-2010.

       PROGRAMME                                                             DURATION                              NO. OF SEATS

1.  AVIONICS                                                                                4 years                                                                        65

2. AEROSPACE ENG.                                                                 4 years                                                                        52

3. PHYSICAL SCIENCES                                                          4 years                                                                         39

                                                                                                         TOTAL:                                                                     156

#. Students graduating from IIST with minimum academic performance will be absorbed in I S R O as scientists/engineers.

#. Financial Assistance to all students to meet the complete cost of education,boarding and lodging. Plus book grant of Rs. 3000/- per semester for all students.  


#. Candidates placed in the Regular an Extended Merit List of IIT-JEE 2009 are eligible to register their names online during the period 4th june to 26th june 2009.

#.Based on the online registarstion and in the order of merit , a combined list of students from both the merit lists will be generated. Those who have opted for any programme in any of the IITs or IT-BHU Varanasi,ISMU Dhanbad,etc will not be included in the IIST merit list. Extant Reservation Policy of the Govt. ass applicable to Institutions of Higher Learning will be followed.

#.Allocation of seats will be based on Personal Counselling to be held on 20th and 21st July 2009 at Thiruvananthapuram.


#. 4th-26th June 2009:                        Online registration of students placed in IIT-JEE Merit List.

#. 29th June 2009:                                  Publication of merit list for counselling in IIST website. 

#. 2oth & 21th July 2009:                    Counselling at Thiruvananthapuram and issue of admit card.

#. 24th & 25th August  2009:           Admission formalities at Thiruvananthapuram.

#. 26th August 2009:                             First semester classes begin.

  Alternate registration site:
IIST OFFICE PHONE NOS.: 0471-2563463,2564808,2564809,2564825


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" CONSCIENTIA " at a glance................
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Monday, April 13, 2009

the best hostel rooms in the country.......all for free!!


dhanak 09

धनक.........IIST's 1st ever cultfest!!!
it was an ultimate experience....!! the most awaited event of the year......enjoyed a lot.....played a lot......

i request wholeheartedly the other iistians to share their views on DHANAK '09....